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Lady Angellyca - Discography

FOREVER SLAVE: Conceptual albums:

Tales For Bad GirlsForever Slave - Tales For Bad Girls (2008):

It's a collection of tales with Romantic influences. The stories happens in the present:

Tale 1. Dickhead: The story of a renowned priest who abuses of a young girl without his wife realizes about this fact.

Tale 2. Say Goodbye: Don't give up till you don't play all your cards. Everything is allowed. You will only give up when you will be dead.

Tale 3. Gothix Girls: One day while I was surfing the net, I read a conversation between a girl and a boy, and that was the inspiration for this song. Cybersex and cyberlove a sort of relationships which finish them whenever you turn off your PC

Tale 5. Kristin AIDS: Kristin was a young girl who started going out with a mate of her school. While he promised her that he would love her forever, he was taking her life. He was cheating on her. Kristin contracted AIDS and everything finished between them. The first month her friends went to see her in hospital, but soon their friend start to forgot her. Till she died alone.

Tale 6. Afterlife: People sometimes promise things which don't know if they will be able to do it when the are in love. They don't know those words can hurt a lot in the future...

Tale 7. Our Story: You trust and love a person and one day you discover everything is a lie. Everything broken in a moment and forever... The only solution, to be strong. 

Tale 8. Mar, no te vayas: Mar was the girlfriend of our main character. Before she died, she gave a box to him with one kiss, her last kiss. So when the sorrow defeat him, he could feel that she was near him. Life wasn't easy and he need to open the box. In that moment he felt her kiss and a big sorrow because he lost her forever...

9. The Lovers: A popular legend which were the inspiration for this song.
In 1817 a young couple said goodbye each other. He was leaving for his city in a ship tomorrow. He promised her when he comes back, they would get married. For 53 years, she went to the beach and waiting for him. People thought she was a crazy old woman. One night she wore a wedding dress, when she threw herself. The legend tells that night, people saw two lovers
dancing at the sea between foam and coral into the water.

Tale 10. Larmes et Roses: This lyrics was written by my friend Lisa from Belgium. She plays the violin and this song tells what she feel when she listen the sound of her violin.

Tale 11. My Girl: It's a story about a love story in summer, which died when summer finish and both must come back their city. Distance and broken promises are  the main reason.

Tale 12. Gasoline: People don't sometimes understand why you are different of the rest due to your clothes, your way to live your life,...Don't listen them, they can criticize, but you must be yourself and fight to get your goals.

Forever Slave - Alice's Inferno (2005):

It's the story of Alice from Alice in Wonderland, if she would a real person. The original story happens in wonderland. My story happens in the real life while she was in one of those worlds of fantasy.

At night a rare fire alerted police. When firemen entered the house, they found a girls with blood and a knife, close to her, her parents killed brutally. She didn't remember anything.
There are evidences against her. But she didn't remember anything. She was a very imaginative and she had problems to recognize what is real and what is not real. They had to take her to psychiatric hospital. When she was 16 years old, she took an overdose to travel the interior of her mind. She needed answers about what happened that night...

Forever Slave - Resurrection (demo 2004):

Resurrection is a dark opera about the relation between Elizabeth Bathory and one of her servant Ophelia.  This is a fictitious story with real basis about the relation between victim and killer.  Elizabeth Bathory killed and tortured more than 600 young girls. She enjoyed with that, she stole their blood and her youthfulness,...

FOREVER SLAVE - Schwarzer Engel (DEMO 2001)

It's about Lilit, a biblical character and the first vamp.



Collaborations with other bands and musicians:

Nach: A top-sales rapper from Universal Music
His song 'Infama' (album: 'Un dia en Suburbia') is a cover of our song 'Across the mirror'. Year 2009

Sensor Of Mind (S.O.M): French rock band
Duet in the song 4U (year: 2006/2007)



Johnny Phase: Dj
Ophelia's Eyes - Dream Mixes EP (Year: 2005)




Un dia en Suburbia

Universal Music

Year: 2009
'Infama' cover of 'Across the mirror'
Tales For Bad Girls FOREVER SLAVE
Tales for Bad Girls

Wacken Records/SPV/SPV USA

Year: 2008
Digipack cover
Alice's Inferno

Armageddon Music
Year: 2005
Cover & artwork by Lady Angellyca
Year: 2004
Cover & artwork by Lady Angellyca
Schwarzer Engel
Year: 2001
Cover & artwork by Lady Angellyca
Year: 2000
Cover & artwork by Lady Angellyca
4U (dueto)
Label: Believe
Year: 2006/2007
Cover & artwork by JPixxx

No Available

Ophelia's Eyes - Dream Mixes EP

Year: 2005

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