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Biography of Lady Angellyca

Lady Angellyca: Singer and composer:

Angellyca was born May 2, below the sign of the zodiac Taurus. She was a bit shy, and she loves music and art. She was 13 years old when she started composing her first songs with her guitar. These songs was very poor, but with a lot effort, she got better compositions. When she was 18 years old she change her guitar for the electric bass, and later this one for the voice. Most of the time, Angellyca has been a self-taught musician. She spent 1 year in the choral school of her city. She studied 2 years in a rock academy and classical singing for 1 year.  During a concert in 2008 Lady Angellyca met a good friend of her and singer, who talked about a teaching staff exchange. Then I started to work with 2 teachers of Modern Singing, one from Denmark and another from Germany. While they teach Angellyca: Jazz/soul/pop vocal styles; Angellyca taught them how to paint  pictures and drawing.

She is singer of FOREVER SLAVE. The band was founded in 2000 by Sergio and Lady Angellyca. They recorded their first demo in 2000 and their first album was released by Armageddon Music (Germany) in 2005. Lars Ratz (Metalium) was their productor. She started like a self-taught singer but later, she studied classical vocals at conservatory and in a rock academy for several years. At the moment she is working hard to finish his vocals studies. In October 2006, she travelled to Paris (France) to record a duet with Franck Senecal (singer of the rock band S.O.M.).

During 2005-2007 Forever Slave played in important festivals: Wacken Open Air Fest (Germany), Metal Female Voices Fest (Belgium), Rock Stars Festival (Spain) shared scenery with bands like Amon Amarth, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Arch Enemy, Battlelore, Carnivore, Celtic Frost, Children of Bodom, The Dogma, Ektomorf, Emperor, Fear Factory, Finntroll, Gamma Ray, In Extremo, Korpiklaani, Michael Schenker Group, Ministry, Morbid Angel, Motörhead, Mystic Circle, Nevermore, Opeth, Primal Fear, The Scorpions, Six Feet Under, Soilwork, Soulfly, Subway To Sally, Victory, Whitesnake, Wintersun,... and gothic metal bands with female singers, per example: Tristania, Xandria, Midnattsol, Visions of Atlantis, Theatre of Vampires, Naio Saion,...

Forever Slave recorded their second album in May-August 2007. The title of this album is Tales of Bad Girls and it was released in April 2008 in Europe by Wacken Records/SPV. The promotion of this album was supported with an European tour with Kamelot and Firewind.

Tales for Bad Girls will be released on 7th October 2008 in USA by SPV USA

In 2009 the composer Beto Vazquez contacts Lady Angellyca and he asks her a collaboration for his upcoming album.
This Double Album will be released in 2010. This is the full list of the guest musicians:

Lady Angellyca (LADY ANGELLYCA and FOREVER SLAVE), Dominique Leurquin (LUCA TURILLI, RHAPSODY OF FIRE), ohand Edlund (TIAMAT), Tanja (LULLACRY), Melissa Ferlaak (ex- AESMA DAEVA, ex - VISIONS OF ATLANTIS), Sonya Scarlet (THEATRES DES VAMPIRES), Gaby Koss (ex- HAGGARD), Alfred Romero (DARK MOOR), Cristian Bertoncelli (RENACER, IMPERIO), Dario Schmunck (Tenor from Argentina) , Dusk (CRYSALIS), Enrik García (DARK MOOR), Mikki Straatsma (VIVEYNNE), Mik (SO COLD), Sascha (DREAMA), Simone Christinat (LEGENDA AUREA), Slava Popova (OPERATIKA) and Pablo G. Soler (Argentinean guitar player).

The Argentinean bass player and songwriter Beto Vazquez in his past album has worked  with a lot of great artists around the world like:Tarja Turunen (ex Nightwish), Candice Night(Blackmore's Night), Sabine Edelsbacher (Edenbridge) ,Fabio Lione (Rhapsody)Liv Kristine (Leaves Eyes), Floor Jansen (After Forever), Elisa Martin (Dreamaker), Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon), Juha-Pekka Leppäluoto (Charon), Walter Giardino (Rata Blanca),Antti Railio(Celesty), Aldo Lonobile (Secret Sphere),Sonia Pineault( Forgotten Tales) ,Quinn Weng ( Seraphim) ,Nahor Andrade(Dynasty),Olaf Thorsen (Vision Divine ),Sandra Schleret (Elis),Marcela Bovio ( Stream of Passion ),Manda Ophuis (Nemesea) and many others...

In that year, Lady Angellyca starts to study at the Rock & Metal Academy from Sweden. And she starts some collaborations with others musicians as "homework".

At the end of 2009 Lady Angellyca and Sergio Valath (Servalath) starts to work on some new melodies for the new album of Forever Slave. Forever Slave starts to record their new album at the end of December 2011 and the recording and production process will finish at the end of 2012 or later.

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The dark artist:

Lady Angellyca took a degree in Fine Arts at San Charles University. She worked like an art teacher in high schools and like a painter for an art gallery. In her spare time she sometimes works like a designer, dark illustrator, webmaster, photographer and model.

The gothic model and actress:

She began performing around age 5. She has worked as a professional gothic model for several model agencies. Angellyca has also appeared in short films. At the present, she selects very well her works. Music and art don't leave enough time for other things

Lady Angellyca' s secrets

Colours: Dark or blood red and black

Zodiac: Taurus ( 02th May )

My ascendant: Leo

Favourite Countries: Germany, Sweden and Norway.

Her Character: I'm an optimistic, sincere, generous, imaginative, tolerant, extrovert, sensitive, spontaneous and very perfectionist girl.

Her favourite music: Female metal music.
I love a lot styles into metal music (gothic, black, death, doom, heavy, power...) and , of course, female metal music. Some of my favorite bands are: Satyricon, Liv Kristine, Nightwish, Therion, Siebenbürgen, Epica, Sirenia, The Sins of Thy Beloved, Tristania, Theatre of Tragedy, Dark Throne, Immortal and Rhapsody, for example.
I like Zen music too.

Her Favourite food: Japanese food. I love rice, sauces and special salads.

Her favourite drunk: I neither smoke nor drink. Although I sometimes drink dark beer. I love all sort of teas, though my favourite one is Jasmine Tea.

Parfum: Fruity/floral. But I prefer the fruity ones.

Philosophy: I love Romantic philosophies, which were born between XVIII - XIX in Europe. And Zen philosophies.

Art: I love (and practice): photography, digital illustration, painting, drawing, digital art and painting, design, website design, art-marketing (online and classical ones),... I love art in general

I hate: to study languages. But I must learn them due to my job. I admit that I'm not good talking foreign languages, though I make an effort.

Religion: I believe in my own religion. It's a natural religion close to paganism and Classical Greek cults, yet religion doesn't mind. I think Witchcraft is very interesting

About my modeling pictures: I never pose nude. In my pictures you will be able to see less skin than a girl at a beach or in a swimming pool. The rest is just a product of your imagination or fantasy. I'm sorry but they are my rules.


Lady Angellyca al natural

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Lady Angellyca: Vital Stats:

Height: 5'3" /1,62 m.
Weight: 100 lb / 45 Kgs
Chest: 34 in / 86 cms
Waist: 24 in / 60 cms
Hips: 35 in / 88 cms
Natural Hair Color: blue black
Hair Length: long/very long
Eye Color: black
Skin Color: pale
Special Information (markings, piercings etc.): piercing in my nose, navel and ears
Smoke: No
Drink: No. Only water and tea. Sometime Coke light
Sports: Aerobic, dance and footing
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Cartel W:O:AFOREVER SLAVE in W:O:A Wacken Open Air Festival 2006 (Germany).
Event: Concert


Metal Female Voices FestFOREVER SLAVE in Metal Female Voices Festival 2006 (Belgium).
Event: Concert
MANIFESTATIONS: Manifestations in Radio Stations and Magazines:
Music - CDS:
Lady Angellyca sings in these cds:

Forever Slave - Alice´s Inferno (2005)
Johnny Phase - EP: Ophelia´s Eyes (original song Forever Slave) (2005)
S.o.M (2006) - 4U (duet)
Forever Slave - Resurrection (2004)
Forever Slave - Schwarzer Engel (2001)
Forever Slave - Hate (2000)

Photo Books:
Los Desvelos de Lilith por Julio A. Olivares

Unholy Cross (cover girl), Tipo, Soulfood/sonny y más

Runaway and fashion:

Beauty Awards:
The Dark Lady of the Month in September 2001 en Dark Arena
The Evil Princess of Satantra´s Cathedral (a dark beauty competition by the photographer Erwin van Schendel )
Miss October 2003 en XBrian Magazine
Bite Me magazine
Gothic Babe of the Week, week of 5th October of 2003 by Industrial, a gothic magazine
Immortal Beauty of the week in January of 2004
Girl of: I love the devil
Miss Topic
Countess Bathory Award (The Netherlands)
and much more...

La lista es demasiado larga,..

Satanic (1999)
My neighbour (1999)
Short film for Gillman Productions
The Time

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S. Perry
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Alice UM.
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...and much more
Radio Shows:
Dark Wave - Radio P.FM (Francia)
Metal Zone (Bélgica)
Metalomania (Portugal)
Enganchados al Rock - Odiel Radio (España)
Killer on the Loose - Radio Vexin Val de Seine (Francia)
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